Local food picking up speed in Ontario

The local food movement is taking off in Ontario with the development of restaurants that focus on local produce, meat, and wine.  In Guelph, the restaurant Borealis has become a popular spot and many people have said that return trips are not out of the question.

The government of Ontario has recently distributed $500,000 to eight local food projects across Ontario.  The funds are coming from the Ontario Market Investment Fund (OMIF).  The bulk of the funds have gone to two different companies carrying out new local food projects; Shandiz Trading Incorporated and EcoSource Mississauga.  These two companies are involved in starting an all-Ontario granola bar for school children.

This is a great initiative to introduce the idea of eating local food at the elementary school level.  Over the last two years that the OMIF has been allotting funding for projects like these, $4.75 million has been divided between 94 projects.  This is a clear sign that the local food movement is having a large impact on the food networks in Ontario.

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