Defending Canada’s modern agriculture

Modern agriculture is getting a bad reputation thanks to moving films such as Food Inc., and the variety of other avenues that are showing agriculture as being destructive to the environment and bad for human overall health.

In a meeting held in Guelph last week, Rob Hannam, President of Synthesis Agri-Food Consulting, believes that this publicity and attention should be provoking growers and advocates of the agriculture industry to address the public conceptions, and misconceptions of farming.

At the meeting, Hannam made recommendations for growers and consumers alike in order to back up the Canadian agriculture industry.  For growers, he suggests adopting new technologies like traceability and biotechnology; embrace the sustainability story and what farmers do to care for the land, air and water; offer choice – responding to consumer requests can be a great market opportunity, etc.  For  consumers, Hannam suggests that if you want it, ask for it – farmers and food companies respond to consumer demand; support local food whenever possible, and more suggestions for both parties that can be found on the Ontario Farmer.

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