New solar co-operative led by farmers

Alternative energy has been on the minds of many people in society, and has also been a common topic in my blog.  This week I bring you a story about a new farmer co-operative for solar energy called AGRIS Solar Co-operative.

This farmer co-operative will be partnered with SPARK SOLAR, an Ontario based developer of renewable energy, who will manage the installation and day-to-day business operations.  This program is being made possible due to the incentives offered by the Green Energy Act and microFIT Program.  David Mallot, president of the new AGRIS Solar co-operative, says, “the creation of this new solar co-operative will allow local ownership and our members the opportunity to invest and participate in the development of renewable energy within our own communities.”

As Pat Hoy, Chatham-Kent MPP, says, “this announcement shows the vitality of the Green Energy Act, and its focus on a better economy and a cleaner environment.”  I agree that this is showing how valuable the funding from the Green Energy Act is proving to be.  With the development of more projects like this, which will provide energy for 20,000 homes year-round, it seems establishing sustainable energy is very possible in Ontario.

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  1. This is great to hear. Lets hope some other provinces start their own farmer cooperatives as well.

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