The end of studies, and a new beginning

Well this is the last post that I am required to post for the completion of my Agricultural Communications class.  This semester’s studies have come to an end, and so have my undergraduate studies.  I will be graduating this spring!

I hope to continue this blog, so that I can not only spread the word about what I find interesting, but hopefully this will help me stay in touch with the agricultural community.

I’ve have thoroughly enjoyed this exercise, and really appreciate the comments and support that I have had a long the way.  My summer will be spent at Vaughn Agricultural Research Services, and beyond that I hope to continue to work in agriculture and the rural community.

One thought on “The end of studies, and a new beginning

  1. Jess it’s great to hear that you secured a position with Vaughn Agricultural Research Services. Best of luck this summer and congratulations on graduating this spring!

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