Monsanto helping rural farmers in Grand River basin

In the Grand River watershed there are 6000 farms, but rural water quality programs are not available to 1600 of those farmers.

In order to expand the availability of Rural Water Quality Programs to rural landowners who currently do not have access, Monsanto has partnered with the Grand River Conservation Authority and Grand River Conservation foundation.  This pairing will allow the creation of the Monsanto Water Conservation Fund for Farmers, which will provide advice and funding for the implementation of environmentally-friendly practices on their property.

This is a great partnership, with a grant totalling $142,500, that will allow the expansion of very important source water protection programs.  Source water protection is also a large component of Ontario’s Clean Water Act, and creating partnerships with private companies will be very valuable to widen the scope of these programs.

Click for stories from the Ontario farmer, and a Monsanto news release.

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