Community Supported Agriculture Initiatives

This morning on my drive back to Ridgetown, I was listening to the radio and the hosts brought up the incredible opportunity to support local farmers and take part in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), or Community Shared Agriculture initiatives.  CSA farms are farms that grow and provide fresh vegetables and fruit for a number of ‘shareholders’ each season.  Anyone interested in buying ‘shares’ in a farms products is expected to pay a full amount upfront, and then receive a certain number of weeks of produce (length of delivery season is dependent on individual farm operations).  Some CSA farms will deliver, or provide multiple pick-up locations for their shareholders to receive their weekly farm fresh produce.

Not all farms are the same as there are no requirements for becoming a CSA farm, but many of the farms are rooted in organic practices or are on their way to becoming certified organic.  Many of these farms will provide people with the opportunity to experience nutrient dense foods as my last post discussed.

To get more information or become a shareholder in a CSA farm you can visit the Ontario CSA Directory and check out the farms in your area. This is a great opportunity to seek out the local producers of vegetables and fruit in your area, and to help make healthier decisions when it comes to the food on our plates.

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