Battling herbicide resistance

Well we’re approaching the end of April, and I’ve finished school for the year and have gone back to work.  Aside from the most recent snap of the seasonal temperatures, farmer’s have been tending to fields and applying burn downs.

The nerd in me picked up an old Ontario Farmer today (April 3rd edition) and got all wrapped up in the advertising.  BASF is heavily marketing their herbicides Integrity and Eragon which are under the KIXOR technology, and they are supposed to control resistant biotypes that glyphosate alone won’t kill.

Now, just to be clear, I am not advocating for BASF or getting any money out of this post, but they have some very cool time lapse videos of their chemical tank mixed with glyphosate and Merge that I just had to post.  Resistant weeds are becoming more common in Ontario farmer’s fields, and there’s some strange satisfaction in seeing glyphosate resistant Canada Fleabane wither and die under the action of this tank mix.

So check out this website to see the chemical in action against Canada Fleabane, Lamb’s Quarters and Common Ragweed. Happy spraying this spring.

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