Spring on the homestead

After what seemed like 3rd or 4th winter here in Chatham-Kent, spring finally arrived! We have been busy getting to the field, but also busy with new routines, as I returned to my full-time job. Dylan has been enjoying daycare since the beginning of April, and Brad and I are so glad we started that portion of our new routine early. It is a huge relief when your baby loves the people who look after him and teach him all day. Lots of love from the Snobelen house flowing over to the Thamesville & Area Early Learning Centre!

I started back to work promptly on May 1st, and it has been great to get back to agronomy consulting, and connect with customers after a full year off. We took advantage of one of those dinner-in-a-box delivery services (Hello Fresh, use code JESSNOB to get $40 off your first order), and that was a big help in getting dinner on the table in about 30 minutes when I got home with Dylan after 5pm.

Around the homestead we have also been busy organizing, and planting, our market crops. We planted the first round of sweet corn, two varieties of pumpkins, and one variety of sunflower! We used the Super A to cut a trench so we could hand plant these goodies.IMG_20180506_115436.jpg

We have more to plant this weekend, but the weather forecast might have other plans. That won’t be all bad by any means, because Mother’s Day is on Sunday! We are hoping to take Dylan to Brantford to visit with my parents and brother, and my grandmothers, his great-grandmothers! Dylan is a pretty lucky boy to have 2 great grandmas! So when we get back, there might be some ‘after-Dylan-goes-to-bed’ planting the next round of crops.

This week the magnolia tree also bloomed! Brad always says its about a 4 or 5 year pattern where you get beautiful full blooms, and then one out of five years we get a late frost and lose all the flowers. The tree continues to thrive all season, but all the pretty pink petals freeze, turn brown, and fall off early. So we are always happy when we get a beautiful bloom. Dylan liked it too!

We wish all the mom’s out there a wonderful Mother’s day this weekend! Stay tuned for more updates around the homestead, and make sure you follow our Facebook, Instagram (@snobelenhomestead), and Twitter (@SnobelenHmstead) pages to see more pictures and quick stories.

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