This morning we woke up to more water laying in the fields than we have seen in many, many years.

The pumpkins, sunflowers, sweet corn, popcorn, and ornamental corn that we planted 9 days ago on May 6th have not emerged yet, and it makes us awfully nervous about what may or may not come up now that the ground is completely saturated and even flooded with 3-4″ of water on-top this morning. Plants need oxygen to breathe just like humans do! So being underwater for any length of time, really affects the health of the developing plant.

The weekend rain brought us a chance to visit with family for Mother’s Day which was very nice. With the farming calendar, it very rarely allows for us to be involved in things like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Thanksgiving. So when the weather makes a turn and we see an opportunity to get some visiting in, we usually go for it because we don’t know when the next opportunity will be!

My second Mother’s day was awesome, and Brad and Dylan spoiled me with flowers from a local florist, Red Barn Florals, and a picture frame for my desk at work!

For the next few days, we will enjoy eating dinner together before the fields dry and we all work late into the evening to get the crops planted.

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