There will be sunny days ahead

Two weeks have passed since our first planting and what a weather roller coaster we have been on! The day we planted the first round of market crops, Brad and I nearly got sunburns. Today, two weeks later, Dylan and I went to check out the progress of the planted seeds and came in the house with cold ears and noses!

We’ve had nearly 3 inches of rain in the last 10 days, and that, paired with cool, cloudy days like today, doesn’t make checking the field very interesting. BUT, we did find that some of the sunflowers, popcorn, and ornamental corn have popped up! The corn rows are too long to try and count (with the tiny human wandering around trying to eat things he shouldn’t!), but I counted about 20 sunflowers up of the 30 seeds I planted 2 weeks ago.

I can’t wait for fresh-cut, bright yellow sunflowers!

I will plant more sunflower seeds as soon as I can. Maybe sometime before the long weekend is over. We may have to replant our pumpkins. We will have to spend some time in the field digging around to see if the seeds are trying to push through the cold, wet soil.

For now on this cool Sunday afternoon, I think we’ll all grab a cozy blanket and a nap.

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