Roots of the homestead

While spring moves along and we get through the first heat wave, I thought I would open up and write a “behind the logo” post.

Brad and I scribbled and sketched for a long time trying to find a logo that we liked. We knew for sure we wanted to incorporate an oak leaf. So, here’s some history.

The farm we live on, was purchased by Brad’s grandparents, John and Kay, in 1946. They farmed here and raised their family, Brad’s Dad and Aunt. Like many farmers at the time, they dabbled in a little bit of everything; cattle, pigs, chickens, vegetables, and grain crops.

When Brad’s Dad took over the farm and the boys were young, they got to spend a lot of time with Grandpa John and Grandma Kay. Brad’s Dad and Grandpa spent a lot of time planting trees in fencerows for windbreaks, and planting plenty of trees around the house and barns on the farm.

When it came time to mark the legacy of Snobelens establishing here on this farm, an oak tree was planted at the time of Grandma Kay’s passing. This oak tree, planted at the corner of our laneway, is the perfect reminder of family working together that brought us the opportunity to farm here today and create this farm-market business to share with you all!

So there you have it. We are very blessed to have roots in this farm. We can’t wait to share our passion and love for agriculture and food production with you this summer, so make sure you come see us in July!

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