Beautifying the farm

We had a gorgeous week of weather that we usually get in July. Hot, humid, and the crops we have planted really responded! The sunflowers show the biggest improvement over 2 weeks. IMG_20180603_220032_949

We were up and at it early Sunday morning and planted our jack-o-lantern pumpkins! Then we got the most beautiful 3/10″ rain around noon. Just what we needed for our market crops, and our major grain crops!

What the heat and moisture did for the crops, also did for the weeds. Between the weeds in the fields, and the weeds in the gardens around the house and farm, it can quickly get away from us, and gardening is not something I enjoy. People have asked why gardening is any different than farming, and let me tell you, there’s a BIG difference. I work in large-scale commercial agriculture, with some customers who have land cultivators 30 feet wide! Weed control is a much difference beast with equipment that size.  So to be clear, I love neat, organized gardens, but I don’t like the process to get there.

Brad and I also hold different perspectives when it comes to gardens. I love perennials and ornamental grasses that you don’t have to pay much attention to. They just grow back every year! Brad is great with the perennial flowering plants, but can’t understand the ornamental grasses. His argument, “we spend so much time trying to kills grass weeds in the fields, and you want to pay money for grass and plant it around the farm?” Yes, yes I do. We picked up a striped miscanthus for the corner of the barn where (hopefully) people will be coming onto the farm to get their fresh grown goodies! And we also split, and transplanted a shorter variety of ornamental grass I already had, and lined the front of the barn.

We stopped out to Flowerbed Greenhouses in Blenhiem for our haul of annuals, hanging basket, perennials, succulents, grass, and a few tomato plants! Here’s some pictures of what we picked up and got planted this weekend.

So that’s what happened around the homestead this weekend. We are really looking forward to tracking the progress of our pumpkins now that we have 3 varieties planted, and some of the first ones out of the ground. The countdown is on now that we’ve turned the calendar to June. We are hoping to have sweet corn available mid July! Thanks for following along!


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