Sweet colours and flavours of summer

As I look at the date of my last post, “holy smokes” is what comes to mind. Two more months have flown by!

We have been busy to say the least! We started a bathroom renovation in the old farmhouse. I’ve come to learn that everyone has a different definition of renovation. Our definition, is to completely gut a room, take it back to interior brick, cut out the floor, and dig out a crawlspace! Then start putting it all back together. I feel like some people’s definition of renovation is painting….which we will hopefully do in this new room, someday.

We have been busy learning a lot about the market crops we planted! We know for next year we have to dedicate a lot more space to the pumpkins. I can’t even walk in the field anymore! But I try to, at least once a week, to make sure we don’t have any signs of serious disease, or insect populations. So far, so good. Cross your fingers for us that it stays that way. Here’s a peak at the three pumpkin varieties, and our acorn squash!


I have found so much joy in cutting and prepping sunflowers to put out at the stand for you guys. It is so neat to go out every couple days and see new blooms, and all the busy bees working away gathering pollen. Loving all the new experiences this season has brought us. Don’t these pictures of their bright blooms just make you happy?


We’ve had our share of challenges with the sweet corn. The first planting sat under water for quite some time early in the spring when we had all the rain. During the time it was pollinating it was also very hot, so the plant definitely showed stress, and that showed up on the cob (ear) as inconsistent kernels and gaps at the tip. We also had some uninvited furry friends help themselves to the first planting of corn. So we lost quite a bit to them unfortunately. But we are happily picking planting #2 right now, and it looks and tastes just like summer should!

img_20180807_195736 As if we don’t have enough going on around here, I decided to jump into another project and am planning our first market event. We have called it Homegrown & Handmade in CK. I have reached out to businesses in Chatham-Kent that are growing, or hand-making, their own products, and asked if they would be vendors at our event! So far I have 6 businesses, including ourselves, on board for the event on Saturday October 6th, from 10am-3pm. The event will be outdoors at our farm where families will be able to see the beginning of harvest season. I hope to make this a yearly event!


I can’t believe we’re already coming up to the second weekend of August! So we hope everyone soaks up the last couple weeks of summer!

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