Easter, family photos, and weather woes

As we turn the calendar over to May, typically farmers are getting anxious about getting to the field and starting the crops early. This year, mother nature has a different plan in mind! I checked the rain gauge this morning, and since we put it up on Sunday April 28th, we have received 2.4 inches of rain. Also worth noting, it has been quite chilly! Relatively low amounts of sun and heat have not helped the drying process. I’m sure us farmers are not the only ones longing for more consistent spring weather – where are all my families with kids that can’t wait to play outside??

We took the opportunity over Easter weekend to travel to Brantford for some Easter fun, and we also caught up with our photographer Stefanie to do family maternity photos! Stef has been photographing our family since we got engaged, and it’s so much fun every time we do photos with her! She brings out the best in us for sure.

For every ideal family photo like these, there are some hilarious outtakes that are worth sharing as well. The “real-life” photos, if you will, things that happen while trying to photograph toddlers.

This week marks 33 weeks of baby#2, and Brad and I ask each other almost daily if we’re ready to add to our busy household. Of course we are, and we’re telling ourselves that we’re more prepared this time for a newborn. I’m sure other parents are laughing right now thinking “oh they have no idea”. But that’s OK. Before Dylan arrived, Brad and I were comfortably naive about how our life was going to change, which I think was perfect in the end! No expectations that were shattered as we caught up with reality, we tried to take it all in stride. We take many opportunities with Dylan to try and explain that Mommy is going to have a baby, and that she will need a lot of help! But, toddlers.

So as we come into another wet weekend, we’ll be looking for things to keep busy and keep our minds off the ponds in our front yard and the fields. And don’t even get me started on gardens. I think I’m too impatient to be a good gardener, but I’m trying. If you follow us on social media pages like Instagram, watch for my garden updates as I renovate two large gardens once things aren’t so saturated. Wishing all the Mama’s Happy Mother’s day next Sunday!

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