So, what’s the deal?

The number of times I have been asked about our Ruby Red Popcorn in the way the title of this post suggests, I couldn’t put a number on. We love this popcorn because it is something different. But different isn’t exactly a great selling term.

Popping ruby red popcorn at home is an entirely new snacking experience. From the red kernels, to the bright white of the popped popcorn it is something so unique! And have we mentioned DELICIOUS?!

Popped ruby red popcorn is light, crisp, and doesn’t have the same thick kernel seed coat that is sharp and gets lodged in places only the dentist can find. Yes, the seed coat still exists, but it shatters so nicely, and the popcorn is so crisp, it is a pleasure to the pallet, and the jaw muscles!

We grow ruby red popcorn here in Chatham-Kent on our multi-generational family farm. After harvest and air drying, we use a local seed cleaning service to separate out unwanted material and really make the ruby kernels shine. The finished, clean, product makes its short commute back to the farm where we weigh and package it all by hand!

Check out our popcorn + recipes page for a list of our current retail partners, or order right here on our website! Level-up your snack for your next movie night at home!

On left, our original packaging. Centre, the ruby red kernels on the cob. Right, our redesigned custom packaging that is retail-ready.